Group 7 is a group of 3 specialist anaesthesiologists working in private practice in Gauteng. Group 7 is committed to excellent quality healthcare and service founded upon a solid scientific foundation.

Our Anaesthetics

We provide quality anaesthetics performed by specialists

General anaesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness. During a general anaesthetic, medicines are used to send you to sleep, so you’re unaware of surgery and do not move or feel pain while it’s carried out. This the most commonly used form of anaesthesia and can be combined with another technique for pain control.

Spinal injections are a safe and very effective way to give anaesthesia. They are administered by an anaesthesiologist who will also explain the technique to you. This can be used as the sole anaesthetic technique or in combination with a general anaesthetic as part of the post-operative pain management protocol.

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This form of regional anaesthetics can be used as a sole form of anaesthesia and/or a method of post operative pain control where analgesic drugs are continuously  administered through an indwelling catheter. View Document  Here.

This block is administered through an injection at the side of the neck between the interscalene muscles or just above or below the clavicle. This is in general a very safe and effective method of pain relief for the shoulder, arm or hand. The block is administered by your anaesthesiologist who will explain the technique to you.

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They are safe and give good post- operative pain relief in the absence of a total sympathectomy. These blocks are administered through an injection in the groin, through or below the buttocks, behind the knee joint or around the ankle depending on the type of lower limb block.

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  • Stop all food 6 hours pre-operatively as per international guidelines. This is to prevent aspiration of gastric content into the lungs causing a potentially life-threatening chemical pneumonitis which is usually managed in ICU.

  • Stop formula milk  6 hours pre-operatively

  • Stop breast milk 4 hours pre-operatively

  • Give child 2 hours pre-operatively 30ml diluted apple juice (half water/half apple juice)

  • Chewing gum should not be permitted on the day of surgery.

  • Sweets including lollipops are solid food. A minimum pre-op fasting time of six hours is recommended.

Premedication drugs are used primarily for anxiolysis to alleviate anxiety as well as sedation and amnesia.

Professional Anaesthesia


Parents are likely to be stressed when their child is booked for surgery. We assure you that your child will be in safe hands.


We understand that in every ENT procedure the surgeon and anaesthetist work closely together to ensure a successful outcome.

Orthopaedic Surgery

After a major surgery, such as replacement or limb reconstruction surgery, our anaesthesiologists will help manage post-operative pain.

What To Do When You Come To Hospital

You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire to highlight potential problems while you are undergoing surgery and anaesthesia. Please bring information on any medical conditions you may have with you to the hospital when you are admitted for your operation. 

1. Bring your current medication to the hospital if there is any chance that you will be staying overnight or need to take this medication while in the hospital. 

2. Bring a list of any medication that you are currently on, or have taken in the past 3 months (including homeopathic and natural products).

3. Bring a list of any allergies you may have.

4. Take your routine medication as normal. (If you are taking Warfarin, Aspirin, Plavix or any other blood thinners please ask the surgeon when you should stop these before the operation). 

Anaesthesia Form


Anaesthetic Accounts: Please read to avoid misunderstanding
  • This practice charges Classic Discovery Health rates
  • The codes used by the anaesthesiologist fall within the guidelines of the health professional council of South Africa, SASA & SAMA. 
  • The unique anaesthetic fee is determined by each anaesthesiologist based on their training, expertise, experience and practice costs and do not relate to any medical scheme rate. (competition commission ruling 2006)
  • You will receive a completely seperate account from the anaesthesiologist. ( there may also be accounts from  the surgeon, radiologist, pathologists, physiotherapist and hospital)
  • The cost of an anaesthetic is dependant on time and procedure complexity. As it is impossible to predict how long a procedure will take, this makes estimating the cost of an anaesthetic extremely difficult.
  • There are additional costs for ICU, pain control techniques, ultrasound, an increased body mass index (>35), blood pressure control, paediatrics, fractures and emergency surgery or cases not booked on routine lists.
  • If the procedure takes longer than the estimated time the cost will increase according to the duration of the procedure.
  • Explanations of the codes on the account can be obtained from the South African Medical Association(, your medical scheme, or the South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (
  • As all medical insurance companies offer cover at different rates, your medical aid will reimburse you for your anaesthetic account at a rate based on the plan you have selected and the rules of your medical aid fund. This can vary from 50% (“100%” plans) to 100% (some 200%-300% plans & most GAP products) of the amount charged. Some medical schemes exclude or do not recognise or reimburse for some of the SASA and SAMA approved codes. It is advisable to check your cover with your medical scheme prior to the day of surgery.
  • The total amount may not be covered by your medical aid. You will be responsible for the shortfall.
  • An account will be sent to your medical aid to assit you with your claim, but please note that you are ultimatly responsible for the payment of your anaesthetic account to your anaesthesiologist. All interest and legal fees that arise from any accounts that not paid in full within 30 days will be for your account.