Who We Are

All members of Group 7 are specialist anaesthetists with a masters degree in medicine in the speciality of Anaesthesia. As the profession becomes less of an art and more of a science we are dedicated to be up to date with all the latest advances internationally in our field. The doctor-patient-relationship in this case is unique in the sense that the first contact the anaesthesiologist has with his/her patient is just before the patient is put to sleep. In order to facilitate this relationship you will be asked to complete an anaesthetic form during your admission to hospital. 

This is a very important document and provides the anaesthesiologist with crucial information where upon a risk analysis and an individualized anaesthetic plan are made for a safe procedure. Prior to your surgery the anaesthetist will do his/her pre-operative visit where you will be examined and relevant information discussed. If it is an elective procedure this visit will most of the time take place in the ward whereas in an emergency or where admission happened after commencement of a list the visit will probably take place in theatre in the pre-operative room.

During the pre-operative visit your anaesthesiologist may also provide you with a specific information sheet in case a spinal, epidural or other peripheral block will be implemented. Please read through the information sheet and discuss any questions or concerns with your anaesthesiologist. These information sheets as well as the orange anaesthetic form and consent form are also available on our website to read through before hospital admission. During this visit  discuss any fears about awareness, pain, nausea and vomiting etc. This is also the time to discuss questions about your anaesthetic account. Please make sure that you have signed the consent form provided.

Our Anaesthetists

Dr. Chantél Blignaut MBChB, MMED(Anaes)

 Dr. Marié Karshagen MBChB, DA(SA),    MMED(Anaes), FCA(SA)

Dr. Hannah Brand MBChB(cum laude), DA(SA), MMED(Anaes), FCA(SA)

MH Expert and director of MHCSA

Our Surgeons

Contact Details

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Unitas and Midstream
Mid Stream Office: Tshego
Tel: 012-652-9401
Unitas Office: Jessica
Tel: 012-644-2641


Dr Franz Birkholtz

Dr Phillip de Lange

Dr Lana Van Der Merwe

Contact Details

Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon
Arwyp & Surgiklin
Office: Tanja
Tel: 011-568-2918


Dr Dawie van Staden

Contact Details

Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon
Office: Annemarie
Tel: 012-652-9486


Dr Anton Smit

Contact Details

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Groenkloof Life
Office: Yolanda/ Elsa
Tel: 012-346-4862


Dr Eudore Maré